Why Choose Porcelain over Metal Crowns

For many people, having a crown can rally help with teeth restoration. For many people that end up having to have root canals due to damage of the tooth, there is the option to get porcelain veneers or crowns to help make the smile much more radiant again. In the case of crowning, they’re used to protect the outside of the tooth, usually in a form similar to thin, custom shells. They are often bonded to the tooth permanently, and they are used to treat many different issues. Often in the past, repairs meant adding metal crowns, and bridges to the tooth, which ended up being unattractive. However, with your dentist in Eagle Rock, you can now have a metal-free mouth that looks great and is healthy. Porcelain is the way to go, and this article will discuss why.

For starters, it looks way better. Porcelain crowns are a subtle means to reconstruct teeth. Your natural teeth often have a pearly nature to them, and this is a sheen that is hard to mimic. However, when your dentist does create crowns, they can be adjusted in shade to match the teeth in terms of color and how bright they are. They are much less noticeable on a person once they’re implemented and shaded as well.

They are also less sensitive. With porcelain crowns, there is less sensitivity to hot and cold when they eat and drink. Metal is often exposed to these temperature differences, and these tend to expand or contract, which creates further discomfort. The shrinking and expansion also can weaken the tooth structure, which will create the need for repairs much earlier than expected. It also can cause more space to grow, and this will increase the risk for gum disease.

There are also fewer implants needed if you have a non-metal crown. When multiple teeth near one another need repairs, often your dentist might tell you to get a bridge. These bridges tend to push the teeth together, and it will bridge the gap created by these damaged teeth, and they’re anchored to the teeth through this gap. However, if you use a metal bridge, there is more of an implant needed, however with one that doesn’t contain metal, the bridge can be installed using only two implants, which makes it cheaper and less invasive.

Porcelain also lasts a long time. These can be around for a while, with the right care and dental visits. These can even be structurally sound after over 20 years, which makes them great. No, these are permanent, and if you don’t take care of them, they can stain. You also can’t whiten them like other teeth in a quick manner, so make sure you do take care of them when you do. However, by doing so, they can stay as white as they need to.

Finally, they are super versatile. Unlike with metal crowns, the porcelain ones can solve many issues that require an extensive change. These not only correct teeth that are discolored, but they also can repair and reshape the teeth that are broken, have gaps, have suffered chips and cracks, or have had a root canal and the trauma there. These definitely look a lot better, and they last a long time, and they are a strong and fitting solution to teeth that are damaged. Often, crowns that are porcelain are put in relatively fast as well, which makes them simple for the patient, but also last a long time. They are great if you’re worried about something like this, and they do a lot of good as well.


If you’re considering getting some crowns, definitely go porcelain. If you do need further information in this, you should talk to your Eagle Rock dentist for further information on what to do, the benefits of such, and how these porcelain crowns can change you for the better. Porcelain crowns are the way to go when it comes to extensive and invasive dental work, and if you’re looking to replace damaged teeth in a fitting way, this is ultimately the best way to go, and the way for you to have the best health.


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